The Impending Future

Have you ever Googled your ideal career? If not, do it. It’s about to scare the living shit out of you (unless of course, if you want to be an Anesthesiologist, Lawyer, or Brain Surgeon – then this will not apply to you). I’m in my third year of University, working towards a Bachelor’s Degree. I have zero plans to go to graduate school in the future – getting through this is difficult enough. Anyways, I have an assignment for my Communication course that requires me to research my idea future job and compose a commentary or short essay on why being a Communication major successfully prepares me for that career. Sounds easy enough, right?


You see, with a simple Google search of my ideal career information (Broadcast Journalist aka News Anchor aka Matt Lauer on the TODAY Show, if you were wondering), not only do I receive the necessary information to write my paper… oh no. At the very top, under the title, is a little dollar sign with five very small numbers on it. The projected annual salary for a person with that position. My “ideal” career makes less annually then some people do in a full time job WITHOUT a Bachelor’s degree. Ouch. To top it all off, the website I used also has a Job Outlook percentage from now until 2022, and my position is set to decline 13%. Double ouch.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a job that pays $110,000/year, but I mean not having to rely solely on a future husband (if I ever find one) would be nice. People continually ask me when I’m going to graduate from University. Well, I’ve switched schools three times, am a semester behind, and after this paper, I’m about to revel in the deliciousness of college for as many years as I can (just kidding, I don’t think I can take more than another year and a half of this!). But honestly, the future is coming. And that scares me. And I can’t change it. It’s like when you were a child, running away during Hide & Seek, indecisive on a hiding spot, and then you hear, “Ready or not, here I come”…


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