Life Doesn’t Stop For Anybody

I struggle up our single flight of stairs as I return from a late and stressful bartending shift. Fumbling for my keys, I stumble through the door and make a beeline for my queen-size, pillow-top mattress. As I’m greeted by 25 pounds of fur, charging at me with a fierce desire for attention, I notice that my bedroom floor has somehow become my closet. With an over-dramatic sigh (heard by no one – which makes it entirely undramatic altogether), I pour myself a generous glass of wine and get to work.

Some people live their lives striving for perfection. The house is neat, the work is done, and every aspect of life is scheduled flawlessly. Now there’s nothing wrong with that – I’m just more of a realist. I strive for happiness. And for me, happiness means a busy schedule.

As I grew up, whether I was at my mom’s house or my dad’s house, there were always five children. My sister and I visited back and forth, always knowing whichever house we would enter was both crazy and full of love. Thriving on a life that’s always moving is my “normal”.

I work 2 bartending jobs, typically 7 days a week, and spend 18 hours in class working on my Communication degree. Add homework to the equation (especially group work, but that’s a post for another time), and the fact that I’m a recent member of a new sorority on campus. The time that’s left is usually dedicated to eating, napping, and loving on my five year old child cat.

The thing is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, I spend way too much money of caffeinated drinks to keep me going and sometimes I take homework breaks to catch up on Dance Moms. But I love what I do, I’m surrounded by people that I love (except I miss all the homies back in Pennsylvania – shout out to YOU ALL), and I know that a day ending with me flopping into bed and passing out instantly was a day well spent.

So, if you haven’t heard from me in awhile, or if I keep hitting you with the “Sorry, I’m working!” text, don’t take it personally. My life is a never ending whirlwind. But I’m always down for a visit from friends at work (sushi, anyone?) or a study buddy in the library.

Time for some sleep…




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