I Did It For My Resume

Greek Life: Everyone’s got opinions. Since the start of my college career, this was mine: “Just no”. I had no interest, I didn’t care for it… But I also had no clue.

When I heard about Kappa Delta coming to UNCW’s campus, my first thought was: “GIRL SCOUT COOKIES”. Girl Scouts of America is one of Kappa Delta’s national philanthropies and I have a real sweet spot for Thin Mints. My second thought was: “I bet being a founding member of a sorority would look real nice on my resume”. With just a few months left on campus before graduation, I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it. My strategy was simple: be myself; be open-minded; walk away if I felt it wasn’t for me.

Recruitment weekend was a blur of business casual and trying to remember the names of so many beautiful humans. I remember being at work, bartending, and some regulars noticed that I looked unusually nervous. I explained that I was waiting for an email to see if I was welcomed back to Preference Round, or the ‘final round’ of choosing who would be a Kappa Delta. A group of guys hanging at the bar decided they thought I’d be a shoe-in. They asked my coworker at the front desk to update them the next day. I left work – no email. I pulled into my apartment complex and my phone chimes. It’s the email.

Here I am – with Bid Day seeming as though it was a lifetime ago. And what I’ve learned is this:

I’ve gained more girl friends in three months than I’ve had my entire life. I consider myself to be entirely outgoing and personable – however, my circle has always been small. Two, maybe three close friends, plus my younger sister. That’s about as deep as my squad usually was. Now I meet five girls for a walk on the beach, have lunch with three others, and on any given night… up to ten of them could show up at my work (which absolutely makes my night).

Kappa Delta girls are KIND. Have you ever walked into a room and had fifteen girls yell your name and run over to individually hug you? Because I have and man, does it make you feel the love. From calling you out on Instagram when your selfie is looking Beyoncé-level flawless to sending you a long, supportive, and uplifting text as a random reminder that life will be okay (Kelly Trawick, I’m looking at you!), these girls find the smallest ways to make sure you know you’re worth it.

For as much time and money you put into Kappa Delta, you will receive 100 times the experiences and memories. Let me tell you, when I got the paper that told me how much a semester’s worth of dues were, I panicked. But I paid my dues on time, sat through every chapter (most times with food in hand), and did my best to attend as many events as possible. It. Was. Worth. It. From dressing up like 90’s chicks to stuffing our faces with bowls of queso at El Cerro, I’ve made memories with these girls that will last a lifetime.

I’ve laughed… I’ve cried… I’ve laughed UNTIL I’ve cried, but I did it all with 94 sisters by my side. Yeah, maybe my resume does look good (hello, yes, please let me know if you’d like a copy or know someone who is hiring a Communication major). But that’s not the reason I’m proud to wear my Kappa Delta shirts. It’s because of the relationships, the community involvement, and all of the freaking LOVE that I’ve experienced. So here’s to the girls who said they would never go Greek. Here’s to the girls who decided to take a risk. Look at us now.

It’s been an amazing semester and I can’t wait to come back to visit in the fall and pretend I’ve never left.

Stay lit, ladies (but also #HBH).


Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.23.19 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 4.24.00 PM





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