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What No One Tells You About College Graduation

The day arrives. ðŸŽ“


You’ve made it! Whether it took four years, 5.25 years, or three different schools, the degree you spent all those hours in the library for is yours. When you get that diploma in the mail, holding it in your hand feels like you’ve got the world at your fingertips. From this moment on, everything will change! …Or will it?

After college graduation, you will still call your mom when you’re sick.  

“I feel so nauseous… No, I’m not hungover. What medicine should I take?”

“I don’t know where I got this bruise, is it bad? Am I anemic?”

“Does this rash look like something I need to go to the doctor for? I thought they were zits.”

After college graduation, you will still find that “adulting is hard”.

The most adult-like thing I did this month was take out my nose ring for my job. Also sometimes I buy real vegetables at the grocery store. Most of the time they’re frozen or “hidden” in my pasta. Hey, have you ever tried to move from the juniors section of clothing to the women’s? It’s tough. And expensive. I moved right back.

After college graduation you will still cope with stress in strange ways.

Baking random desserts? â˜‘️

Changing your hair color? â˜‘️

Buying pets to cuddle with so you feel eternally loved? â˜‘️

After college graduation you will still fall into the black hole that is Netflix.

Stranger Things, House Hunters, The Office… No one’s going to judge you except your screen when it asks “Are you still watching?”.

Needless to say, a lot of things haven’t changed since being an undergrad. I still have a love for cheap wine and good memes. I still have a contest with myself for how long I can go without checking my bank account. I have still retained my ability to power nap anywhere, anytime. However, some things have changed. And I’d like to shed some light on those things because ‘glass half full’ mindset, right?

I’ve started a good skin care regimen.

It’s called under-eye concealer. I don’t know the brand but I got it at Ulta, per the beauty technician’s recommendation, and it’s all I need to have confidence to face the day.

I’ve become more focused on my health.

I bought a yoga mat two months ago. It sits under my TV and stares at me as I stuff my face with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s but hey, I focus on it when I zone out from HGTV so that’s something.

I’ve tuned into my financials.

I opened two credit cards so I can buy more things. Well, only at Best Buy and TJ Maxx, but I now refer to myself as an “electronic maxxinista” and I think that’s something, right?

Okay so maybe I’m not as ‘figured out’ as our parents were by age 22, but here’s the thing. Times are different and life is sweet. Our generation seems to focus so much on the future. Yes, where you’re going is important. But how will you get there if you aren’t aware of where you are now?

So instead of wondering why I’m not working 9-5 on a salary, I’ve decided to embrace the whirlwind that is postgrad life. I’ve decided that my version of being an adult is quite alright for where I am right now. I’ve seen what I’m capable of and I know where I have room to grow. I don’t expect to have my life completely put together by tomorrow and I don’t expect to become successful in my career overnight. But by working hard, being kind, and having a whole lot of fun, I’ll get there eventually.

What no one tells you when you graduate college is that life doesn’t change much. What they should tell you… is that you’ll be alright.


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