Why I Hope We Make History

Whether you like it or not, the story to this campaign is historic.

As a young woman who was raised mainly in an extremely conservative family, I’ve found my own path down the “center aisle” of republicans and democrats over time. No, I was not thrilled with our choices. Honestly, I voted for Bernie in the primaries. However, in 23 years of life, I’ve learned that life is full of choices. They’re not always the choices you want to have. Sometimes they’re not even close to what you want. But the act of CHOOSING in itself marks progress. Choosing to be happy in a time of sadness. Choosing to find peace in a time of stress. Choosing to vote in a time of urgency.

My initial push to vote Clinton stemmed from when I first heard a few of many angry remarks by Republican nominee Donald Trump. It was the mockery of the reporter with a disability that hit me the hardest. I spent two years of my life coaching Special Olympics Cheerleading in North Carolina; it brought me friendships I still cherish today. Walking into Bitty & Beau’s coffee and seeing Trevor dance or Meghan smile, those moments make my day. I spent countless hours with those athletes encouraging them, telling them they were enough. JUST AS THEY ARE. Only to see a man that is running for the highest, most respected seat in our nation mocking a reporter with the same disabilities that my athletes work to overcome. It sickened me.

I won’t go into detail because we’ve all heard the story of Alicia Machado, the audio of the so-called “Locker Room Banter”, and the ignorance in relation to other cultures (i.e. “my African American over here”, his Cinco de Mayo self-promotion). These cringe-worthy words are what embodies one person that part of our country wants as president.

Hear me out, Hillary is not perfect. Not even close. Her husband’s flaws tend to double the pile of insults that head her way. But did we look at Nancy when we chose Reagan? Or Laura when we chose Bush? She is running for President of the United States… not him. In regards to her mistakes, she’s admitted them. She has also shown so much more compassion than I believe Donald Trump is even capable of. In a world filled with so much hurt, anger, and devastation… compassion can heal the most shattered of hearts. She doesn’t focus on whether young girls are rated a “6” or a “9” or a “10”, whether they’re flat-chested or overweight. She encourages young girls, our future, to be BRAVE… Just as she’s been through the past election season.

On Friday, January 20th, 2017, we will see the inauguration of either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. We will watch as they promise to uphold the values of our country and swear to serve and protect our nation. Those promises require a compassionate, steady, reasonable individual.

So for the first time in my life, I voted Democrat. I made a choice and I hope you will too. I voted for our first woman president. More than that, I voted for the nominee who understands that love will always trump hate.

I want to make history

with HerStory.



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